Institutional Accountability



Croatan Institute has been working to hold institutions of all types accountable, examining executive compensation, use of public resources, conflicts of interest, and corporate social responsibility. Our work has scrutinized the actions of Wall Street, non-profits, institutions of higher education, and others.





  • Action on Climate

    Helping investors examine climate change through various interconnected approaches: integrating climate change into your investments; reducing your portfolio’s carbon intensity, investing in climate solutions, divestment; engaging with corporations, and engaging with policymakers.

  • Impact of Equity Engagement

    Developing a new reporting framework to evaluate the impact of shareholder engagement in public equity investing.

  •  A New Social Contract for Higher Education

    Holding institutions of higher education to higher standards of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

  • International Investment in Farmland and Forests

    Holding institutional investors accountable for land-grabbing in international agricultural holdings.