Fern Jones (1957-2017)

Fern Jones (1957-2017)

In Memoriam

We are saddened to have recently lost a wonderful colleague, Senior Fellow Fern Jones, one of the founding members of Croatan Institute. Jones passed away Wednesday, May 17th after a fatal truck accident. She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on May 9, 1957, graduated from the Andover Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, and went on to receive a BA in English from Yale University and a MS in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the 1980s, Jones trained on Wall Street working as a proprietary trader, risk manager and securities analyst. Most recently, she was privately advising investors to look at responsible, sustainable approaches to the environment, society, and government. Her full obituary is available here.

The funeral for Jones took place on Saturday, May 27, at the First Baptist Church of Hockley near Shacklefords, Virginia. A memorial was also organized by the Jones family and took place in New York City on Saturday, June 24.

Condolences may be sent by mail to the family in care of Fern's sister, Ms. Ruth Jones, 101 Ravens Bluff Ct., Browns Summit, NC 27214.

An homage to Fern Jones by Croatan Institute President and Senior Fellow Joshua Humphreys is available at http://croataninstitute.org/documents/Homage_to_Fern_Jones.pdf.

For more information on how you can contribute to the Fern Jones Memorial Fellowship, please visit the Fern Jones Fellowship page. 


Fern Jones was a Senior Fellow at Croatan Institute. A finance and investment professional, she brought broad experience from capital markets and portfolio management to the Institute's research and engagements.

Her career spanned 25 years in trading and risk management roles on the sell-side and in research and analysis on the buy-side. Jones trained on Wall Street in the 1980s, working as a proprietary trader, risk manager and securities analyst for J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Banque Paribas. During the 1990s she worked as an investment analyst for General Motors Asset Management and as a portfolio strategist for MetLife Investments during the early 2000s. She specialized in international bonds, derivatives overlay, hedged and structured portfolios. This background provided the foundation for her approach to sustainable finance and investing over the last decade, particularly in areas such as green bonds, natural resources, and real assets.

In addition to working with Croatan Institute, Jones maintained strategic alliances with other investment advisers to provide financial risk evaluation and portfolio analysis. As a private securities market consultant, she managed teams of technical experts and sector specialists to develop niche investment exposures geared to institutions. The work focused primarily on ventures in water, energy, agriculture and related biotech.

Jones was a founding Board Member and Treasurer of Triskeles Foundation and an advisory member of the Trustees’ Finance Committee of the New York Society of Friends’ Quarterly Meeting. She also served as a fiduciary for disabled individuals and elders, joining families, fraternal and faith-based groups to advocate for the participation of people with diverse capacities.

She divided her time between New York City and North Carolina.


S.M., Management, The Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A.B., English, Yale University