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Divest-Invest Clean Portfolio Project

Divest-Invest Clean Portfolio Project

The Divest-Invest Clean Portfolio project started in 2015-2016 with the development and launch of the Clean 15 Portfolio, which was released at the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP16) in San Francisco. The educational portfolio, the Divest-Invest Clean 15, takes a total portfolio approach to investing in fossil-free climate solutions. The Clean15 portfolio highlights fifteen investable strategies across five major asset classes in themes ranging from renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, to organic agriculture and clean technology.

The Divest-Invest Clean Portfolio project is now in its second phase, with Croatan Institute aiming to expand to new asset classes, selection criteria, and strategies. The Institute is currently seeking additional sponsors to support the expansion of the Divest-Invest Portfolio and associated launch events taking place at Impact Hubs around the country.

For more information and to view the Clean 15, click here.

For Clean Portfolio Project sponsorship opportunities, click here.