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Crowdfunding Action Learning Program

Crowdfunding Action Learning Program

In 2014, Croatan Institute developed an action learning program, in partnership with WealthWorks, the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and the Ford Foundation, in order for WealthWorks sector-based value chains to launch their own crowdfunding campaigns. This program is now available more broadly to interested organizations and provides  interactive training and additional technical support to create and launch crowdfunding fundraising campaigns online. In the process, it also transforms the connectedness of the participating organizations by helping them identify circles of supporters for their work well beyond one crowdfunding campaign.

Croatan Institute is currently organizing a training session for the fall of 2017. Learn more about the program here, or please get in touch with Christi Electris.

Additional Resources

To learn more about crowdfunding, as well as its link to local and regional enterprise development, view our webinar "Crowdfunding the New Economy - A WealthWorks perspective," which was hosted by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship.

To learn more about the basics of crowdfunding, click through our Crowdfunding Prezi.

See this spotlight on one of the participants of the Wealthworks Crowdfunding Action Learning Program, Black Belt Treasures, on the Wealthworks website here.

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Crowdfunding Action Learning Program     Crowdfunding Action Learning Program     Crowdfunding Action Learning Program

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