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Bloomberg quotes Humphreys on Harvard’s sale of Romanian Timber

Harvard Management Co., the endowment arm of the university, has sold 33,600 acres of Romanian forests to Ikea Group, according to a Bloomberg report. The move was precipitated by last summer’s conviction of the agent hired by Harvard of bribery and money laundering. According to prosecutors, the agent--as part of an agreement with sellers--inflated the prices paid by Harvard-owned Scolopax Srl for the Romanian timberland in exchange for one million dollars in cash.

With this purchase, Ikea is now the largest private owner of Romanian forests; while the company did not say how much it paid for the land, it was put up for the equivalent of $116 million.

Michael McDonald and Irina Vilcu quote Croatan Institute President Joshua Humphreys on the timber sale: “It highlights the outsize risk of going into these frontier markets.”

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Source: Michael McDonald and Irina Vilcu, “Harvard Exits Romanian Timber Woes, Selling Forests to Ikea,” Bloomberg, July 23, 2015.