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Campaigns go live through Croatan Institute’s Crowdfunding Action Learning Program

Over the past several months, Croatan Institute has been working with several nonprofit organizations around the country in a Crowdfunding Action Learning Program, as part of its work towards resilient community development. This project, done in partnership with the Ford Foundation and WealthWorks initiative’s Accelerating Impact project, not only helps the participating organizations build capacity and expand their networks, but also helps to strengthen the local value chains and add wealth to the community. During the 12-week program, participants have learned how to create and launch a crowdfunding campaign, which takes advantage of an organization’s existing social networks and value chains to fundraise for a specific project or venture through small monetary donations from these large groups of people. Croatan Institute is pleased to announce the launch of two participants’ crowdfunding campaigns, below:

  • Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center is a non-profit economic development organization that works towards the goals of promoting art education within the community and providing a space for artists to develop and showcase their skills. Located in the Black Belt region of Alabama, the organization has grown to represent over 450 artists, specializing in a wide variety of skills, from basket-weavers to painters to woodworkers. Its latest endeavor involves building a new pottery center, which will provide an area for potters to work as well as a space for classes and trainings. The partially renovated car dealership will be transformed to include ten fully equipped pottery wheel areas, a glazing station, and two kilns. In this first phase of the project, BBTCAC crowdfunding goal is $10,000, which will cover four Brent pottery wheels, work stations, classroom tables, drying racks, and clay and glazes. For more information, and to donate to the campaign, visit the campaign page.

  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation has also recently launched their Agua4All Campaign, which helps them to fulfill their mission of providing assistance, training, and financing to rural communities in the western US. The Agua4All Campaign will provide access to safe drinking water at the San Jose Community Learning Center in the Eastern Coachella Valley. The tap water in the area contains high levels of arsenic, and there is currently little infrastructure to transport any treated water. Through this crowdfunding campaign, up to 14,000 residents will experience the positive impacts of having access to clean water. The project has a goal of $10,500, which will fund the construction and infrastructure to bring water to the community center, as well as provide water bottles and education about water consumption for the community. Visit the campaign page to donate and learn more.

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For more information about Croatan Institute's crowdfunding work, please visit the Crowdfunding Action Learning Program page.