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Croatan Institute participates in New Economy Week

Croatan Institute is pleased to be a participant in this year’s New Economy Week, a platform for demonstrating the many ways that citizens and organizations are working toward a democratic and cooperative economy. The event, which is taking place from October 13-19, consists of a combination of blog posts responding to a series of questions about the new economy, as well as online and in-person events.

Associates Becky Johnson and Kristin Lang co-authored a blog post responding to the question, “How do we transition to a renewable economy without leaving the workers, young people, and communities most impacted by extractive industries behind?” They focus on the work being done in Appalachia to shift the region away from coal dependency. The blog post is available at:

Senior Associate Christi Electris focused on the role that crowdfunding can play in supporting “neighborhoods, cities, towns and regions as the fertile ground for the kind of economy we need.” Her blog post higlights Croatan Institute’s work supporting rural value chains seeking funding to build and keep wealth local through crowdfunding. The blog post is available at

For those interested in learning more, Croatan Institute is also planning to hold a webinar in November, entitled Crowdfunding to Support the New Economy, which will provide an overview of the Wealthworks approach to local and regional economic development, and will introduce how online crowdfunding can fill the gap of funding in early-stage ventures and essentially be the new form of New Economy "barn-raising" we need to support this work.

For more information, and to sign up to participate, please email kristin [at]

For more information on Croatan Institute’s crowdfunding work, visit the Crowdfunding Action Learning Program page and Guide to Crowdfunding for WealthWorks Value Chains by Christi Electris.