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Croatan Institute president presents stakeholder finance to WealthWorks community

On February 27, 2014, Josh Humphreys, president and senior fellow at Croatan Institute, joined Robert Donnan, principal at Innovation Orchestra, on a webinar for the WealthWorks community of practice devoted to attracting new forms of stakeholder finance for rural development.  The presentation provided an overview of investment challenges facing many rural value chains as well as potential mission-aligned investors to target.  Humphreys and Donnan both emphasized the need to evaluate an organization's investment readiness and to map the relevant landscape of investor potential before developing a tailored pitch to investors.

The webinar was hosted by Wealth Creation and Rural Livelihoods (WCRL). For more information, please visit:

To learn more about Croatan's work in rural value chains, visit Investing in Sustainable Rural Development and Investing in Green Affordable Housing in Appalachia.

To contact Joshua Humphreys, send an email to