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Croatan Institute selected to lead crowdfunding training

Starting in mid-April, Croatan Institute is leading an action learning program on how to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is a potentially powerful tool that can be of use to rural value chains and enterprises, particularly those that are in the early and seed-stage level of investment readiness. The aim of the program is to determine which tool is right for each organization and project, and to guide participants in successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign from start to finish.

Croatan Institute was selected by the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship to lead the training, with funding from the Ford Foundation.

The program is geared towards WealthWorks value chains, an approach to economic development which focuses on connecting a community’s assets with market demand in ways that build lasting livelihoods. The crowdfunding campaigns will include raising money for a food hub in West Virginia, a pottery station in Alabama, a van for agricultural workers in the Mississippi Delta, and water tap dispensers in California.

Click here to learn more about WealthWorks.

To learn more about Croatan Institute's work in rural value chains, visit Investing in Sustainable Rural Development and Financing Green Affordable Housing in Appalachia.

For questions about the crowdfunding training, send an email to Christi Electris at or Kristin Lang at