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Croatan Institute to present crowdfunding webinar

Croatan Institute invites colleagues to participate in an online webinar, entitled “Crowdfunding the New Economy - A WealthWorks Perspective” on Thursday, November 20 from 12-1:30pm EST. Croatan Institute supports rural value chains seeking to build and keep wealth local through the WealthWorks development approach. This framework aims to simultaneously advance a region’s overall prosperity and self-reliance, strengthen existing and emerging sectors, and increase jobs and incomes for lower-income residents and firms. Recently, Croatan Institute trained WealthWorks participants to use crowdfunding to close the gaps in their value chains through small-scale, low-risk donations.

This webinar will give an overview of the WealthWorks approach to local and regional development, and will discuss how crowdfunding provides a way to support the kinds of businesses which can lead to the creation of the New Economy. Find out more about the upcoming webinar here:

Additionally, in partnership with the Ford Foundation and WealthWorkss Accelerating Impact project, Croatan Institute led a Crowdfunding Action Learning Program as part of its work towards resilient community development. During the 12-week program, participants learned how to create and launch a crowdfunding campaign, which takes advantage of an organization’s existing social networks and value chains to fundraise for a specific project or venture through small monetary donations.

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For more information about Croatan Institute's crowdfunding work, please visit the Crowdfunding Action Learning Program page.