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Josh Humphreys presents at Pacific Pension Institute Roundtable

Croatan Institute President and Senior Fellow Joshua Humphreys spoke Thursday at the Pacific Pension Institute 2015 Winter Roundtable in Los Angeles, California. The Roundtable, which ran from February 11-13, addressed “The Evolving Landscape of Responsible Investing.”

Humphreys led an afternoon breakout session entitled “Green Bonds: Purpose and Value.”

Croatan Institute recently published a paper on the demand dynamics of clean energy bonds, also known as green bonds or climate bonds, along with the Clean Energy Group. The paper, released in December 2014, is available for download here.

The Pacific Pension Institute is a nonprofit organization that works with pension funds, corporations, financial institutions, and endowments, particularly in Asia and the Pacific region. The PPI’s Winter Roundtable featured over 100 participants from 13 countries.

For more about Croatan’s work on responsible investment, see our recent report on clean energy and green bonds, as well as our program on sustainable finance.

Josh Humphreys can be reached for questions at josh [at]