Croatan Institute releases The Impact of Equity Engagement

November 12, 2014

Together with the multi-stakeholder Impact of Equity Engagement (IE2) initiative, Croatan Institute released a new report today revealing the positive outcomes of investor engagement on the environmental, social, and corporate governance practices of publicly traded companies.

The report, “The Impact of Equity Engagement: Evaluating the Impact of Shareholder Engagement in Public Equity Investing,” found that investors often engage in the proxy process, dialogue, public policy advocacy, and assertive action. However, no standard method exists to date for demonstrating the impact of these activities.

Early findings of the IE2 initiative were presented earlier this week at the SRI Conference in Colorado Springs by Joshua Humphreys, President and Senior Fellow of Croatan Institute. Humphreys spoke on a panel entitled “Understanding the Impact of Engagement” on Sunday.

“Investors are increasingly interested in generating social and environmental impact in addition to financial returns, but many simply don’t think you can have much impact by investing in publicly traded companies,” said Humphreys. “Our analysis highlights the multiple ways that investors can make a difference by engaging with corporations, and the new reporting framework that the IE2 initiative has developed will provide an important foundation for documenting this impact.”

The official press release can be viewed here.

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To learn more, visit the IE2 Initiative page.

To download the full report, click here.