Impact of Equity Engagement

Due to initiatives like the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment, increasing numbers of investors have committed to become more engaged on environmental, social, and government issues. Croatan Institute seeks to educate these investors about the wide range of impact opportunities available to them, including in public equity investment. To that end, Croatan Institute is coordinating a new, multi-stakeholder initiative to develop a robust reporting framework for documenting the impact of corporate engagement activities by public equity investors. The project hopes to integrate public equity investing more deeply into the impact investing field.

Project Outputs and Programs

Impact of Equity Engagement Overview

The initiative aims to develop a standardized reporting system for documenting and evaluating the impact of public equity engagement, to integrate public equity investors in conversations about social and environmental impact investing, and enhance public understanding of the full array of engagement opportunities available to investors in listed equities.

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The Impact of Equity Engagement

This report investigates the positive outcomes of investor engagement on the environmental, social, and corporate governance practices of publicly traded companies.

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