Croatan Institute Releases New Paper on Investing in Community-Oriented Climate Solutions

December 14, 2016

On December 14, 2016, Croatan Institute, in partnership with DivestInvest Philanthropy, published a new paper titled, “Climate-Related Investment for Resilient Communities: Divest-Invest Opportunities in Community-Oriented Climate Solutions.” The paper was released at a half-day forum in New York City on exploring emerging themes in climate investment, co-hosted by Confluence Philanthropy and DivestInvest Philanthropy. Croatan Institute President and Senior Fellow, Joshua Humphreys, presented the paper’s findings to an audience of foundations and other philanthropic organizations, alongside speakers that included Ivan Frishberg, Vice President at Amalgamated Bank; Dana Lanza, CEO at Confluence Philanthropy; Clara Vondrich, Global Director at Divest-Invest Philanthropy; and Ryan Pollice, Consultant at Mercer Investments, which is developing an accompanying report cataloguing clean investment-grade opportunities across all asset classes of a traditional portfolio.

Croatan Institute’s paper seeks to support institutional investors, and in particular philanthropic foundations, with aligning investment portfolios with the transition to a just, low-carbon economy. It presents an extensive overview of investment opportunities in climate change solutions across asset classes, geographies, themes, and risk/return profiles, that pursue positive environmental and social, community-level impacts, as well as a variety of case studies of foundations, funds, and initiatives that proactively and explicitly integrate both climate and community impact considerations into their investment activities.

“Investments in solutions to climate change that build community resilience are needed now more than ever,” said Christi Electris, Senior Associate at Croatan Institute and co-author of the paper. “As climate change risks and opportunities increasingly shape investment analysis and capital allocation decisions, we hope this resource helps the institutional investor community better align portfolios with the transition to a just, low-carbon economy.”

The paper is available here.

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