Bill Harrington Named Croatan Institute Senior Fellow

Croatan Institute is pleased to announce our newest Senior Fellow, William J. Harrington.

Since resigning as a senior vice president in the derivatives group of Moody’s Investors Service in July 2010, Bill Harrington has become a leading public critic of complex financing techniques that started and fueled the financial crisis, as well as an outspoken advocate for addressing systemic risks in the capital markets, rectifying undercapitalized financial structures, and boosting the sustainability of the global financial system.

An expert on asset-backed securities and derivative contracts, Harrington has self-financed this advocacy and conducted it largely in the public domain. He actively engages regulators, market practitioners, journalists, and other parties in on-the-record dialog, and his public comment letters to the Securities and Exchange Commission and other US, UK, and EU legislative and regulatory bodies have repeatedly made him an authoritative voice in public debates on the regulation of credit ratings and structured finance. His work has regularly been featured in the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Business Insider, the Guardian, ProPublica, and on Bloomberg, the BBC, and American Public Media’s Marketplace.

“I’m excited to have this new platform at Croatan Institute to develop my work evaluating the sustainability of the global financial system,” Harrington noted, “and to do so in collaboration with the Institute’s team of experts working at the critical nexus where finance and sustainability intersect.”

At the Institute, Harrington will be bringing fresh perspectives on the growing market for green bonds and the role of securitization in the on-going student debt crisis, among other areas of long-standing mutual concern.

Harrington also serves on the Experts Board of, which provides another outlet for his research and advocacy on structured finance and uncleared derivative contracts.

Bill Harrington will be based in New York City.

For more background and information on Mr. Harrington, including contact details, please visit his bio.