Croatan Institute Senior Fellow Bill Harrington Nominated for #NotTheNobel

Croatan Institute’s Bill Harrington has been nominated for Promoting Economic Pluralism’s Not the Nobel Prize. The goal of this award is to determine the thought leaders and doers who are finding the economic solutions we need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It also provides an alternative to the neoclassical economics associated with the Nobel Prize.

Harrington has been nominated to highlight his work “fighting fire with fire” by filing, disseminating, and publicizing 40 technical submissions to US and EU financial regulators, credit rating companies, law enforcement agencies, and legislative committees following the 2007 financial crisis. This advocacy has helped suppress the worst types of crisis-causing structured finance such as US residential-mortgage-backed products. He is also a Key Expert on Structured Finance for, which posts his most trenchant technical submissions. 

Harrington’s nomination can be viewed and upvoted here:

His bio and publications can be viewed here.