Fixed-Income Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Food Systems

August 2020

In this Croatan Conversation, Croatan Institute President Josh Humphreys, Senior Fellow David LeZaks, and leaders from two of the Institute’s partners, Allison Rowland of the Council of Development Finance Agencies and Kevin Dick from Delta Institute, discuss the rapidly changing landscape of fixed-income investing in regenerative agriculture and resilient food systems. Last year’s collaborative research on Soil Wealth: Investing in Regenerative Agriculture across Asset Classes identified fixed income as one of the ripest asset classes for rapid development in regenerative agriculture because of the disproportionate role that bank lending continues to play in this sector. This Croatan Conversation, cohosted with Delta Institute, will provide an opportunity to hear directly from leading experts about shifts in this direction within the muni bond markets and the Farm Credit System and new financial tools and mechanisms being developed for fixed-income investors, including Regenerative Organic Agricultural Districts (ROADs) and financial calculators for modeling regenerative, organic transitions.


Joshua Humphreys

Croatan Institute

David LeZaks

Croatan Institute

Kevin Dick

Delta Institute

Allison Rowland

Council of Development Finance Agencies

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