REEFS to develop total portfolio activation for racial equity and investor engagement for impact toolkits


Through our Racial Equity, Economics, Finance, and Sustainability (REEFS) program, we will be developing the REEFS Total Portfolio Activation (TPA) for Racial Equity Toolkit, which will give investors resources to re-envision the power of their portfolios to tackle structural racism across asset classes and help reverse America’s legacy of disinvestment and disenfranchisement in Black and Brown communities. The REEFS TPA Toolkit will shift the marketplace of investor resources, helping to identify opportunities for investment impact and activation across asset classes.

Building on the completion of the REEFS TPA Toolkit, the team will develop the REEFS Investor Engagement for Impact Toolkit using the Institute’s Investment-Engagement for Impact framework. To create this Toolkit, we will review corporate diversity shareholder resolutions to better understand the historical effect of investor engagement strategies focused on equity issues tied to hiring practices of diverse candidates, promotion  of minority and women employees in management, recruitment of diverse board of director candidates,  support of minority-women business enterprises (MWBE) through business practices, and engagement of communities of color in philanthropic organizations. The REEFS Investor Engagement Toolkit will also explore opportunities to leverage other asset classes to increase impact thereby creating a more equitable society. 

Croatan Institute is now seeking matching sponsorship support to expand the impact of these new REEFS toolkits and ensure these forthcoming resources reach a broader community of investors. Sponsor benefits include website and social media recognition, listing in published materials, and participation in online and in-person events. Learn more about REEFS sponsorship opportunities here