Investing in Racial Equity 50 Years After the Civil Rights Movement

January 2021

Nearly five decades after the Civil Rights Movement, Black Americans and other communities of color continue to struggle for equity in the United States. The wealth gap data for Native, Latinx, and Black communities are indicative of the underlying symptoms of inequities in our society. The combination of COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on black and brown lives and the brutal murder of George Floyd has served as a lightning rod. In this moment, the issue of racial equity is on the minds of investors, foundations, and corporations. How do we seize this moment to redirect capital to create opportunities for greater social and economic prosperity.

Panelists explore opportunities and challenges to investing in communities of color to support entrepreneurship, wealth-building, and greater professional inclusion.


Sharlene Brown

Croatan Institute & REEFS

Keith Beverly

GRID 202 Partners

Vicki Lee Parker-High

North Carolina Business Council

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REEFS: Racial Equity Economics Finance Sustainability

To grow opportunities in Black and Brown communities, significant long-term investments are necessary.

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Croatan Conversations

Croatan Conversations bring leaders into deep dialogue about collaborative opportunities to invest in solutions to some of the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges.

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