Navigating Impact: Sustainable Agriculture

Croatan Institute, in collaboration with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), developed the new Sustainable Agriculture theme in the Navigating Impact project. This draws on the collective knowledge and experience of a diverse set of 200+ stakeholders to help investors select impact strategies and adopt recommended sets of metrics that track performance toward their goals.

Within this theme, Croatan Institute identified five goals: 

  • Improving Climate Resilience through Agriculture
  • Improving Ecosystem Health through Agriculture
  • Improving Human Health through Agriculture 
  • Improving Social Equity and Justice through Agriculture
  • Increasing Resiliency of Food Systems through Agriculture 

About The Navigating for Impact Project

The Navigating Impact project was created by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) to help investors select impact strategies and adopt metrics that indicate performance toward their goals. Created in consultation with industry experts, impact investors, and standards setters, the Navigating Impact project provides an on-ramp to setting and streamlining impact strategies, and helps to answer questions like:
  • What are common approaches to impact in these themes (and how do they lead to impact)? Each strategy’s overview highlights what the strategy is, who it reaches, what its contribution is, and how much change is possible.
  • What evidence shows that different strategies can deliver these outcomes? Each strategy’s evidence map shows rigorous field & academic evidence backing its outcomes and impacts.
  • What core metrics can show performance toward these goals? Each strategy includes a set of core metrics to understand your investment’s progress toward reaching impact goals, as well as additional metrics for more targeted impact measurement.
  • What resources relate to this approach? Each strategy identifies existing measurement methodologies, frameworks, and systems that can help measure and manage toward the strategy.

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