Intersectional Impact Across Food, Fiber and Finance

March 2021

Our warming climate, rising health problems, and hollowed-out communities are symptoms of the broken relationship between agriculture and capital. Recent examples have demonstrated that there is an alternative path in which the tools of finance can be used to build Soil Wealth and foster positive impacts that intersect to tell the full story of the value created by stewarding landscapes. This conversation will kick off a series to explore how we can design, enact, and implement new relationships between food, fiber, and finance through the lens of the intersectional impacts that these systems provide.

Join Croatan Institute Senior Fellow David LeZaks as he leads a discussion with A-dae Briones of First Nations Development Institute, Sarah Kelley of Common Threads Consulting and SAFSF Fibers Roadmap, Jennifer O’Connor of Guidelight Strategies, and Mark Watson of Fair Food Fund. Panelists will share their experiences as changemakers in this arena and explore what has worked, what has been learned, and what lessons have emerged.


David LeZaks

Croatan Institute

A-dae Briones

First Nations Development Inst.

Sarah Kelley

Common Threads Consulting

Mark Watson

Fair Food Fund

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