Supporting BIPOC Farmers

Since 2014, Croatan Institute has provided technical assistance and over $80,000 in grants to support a small number of BIPOC farmers and grassroots organizations to enhance their sustainable agricultural efforts in North Carolina. This placed-based approach has allowed us to build trust and create relationships within local communities. Our goal is to expand on such collaborative engagements to create ripple effects across the South engaging with partners like the Green Rural Redevelopment Organization (GRRO) who are leading in the creation of regional models.

In addition to our field-based engagements with farmers in the US and abroad, the Institute has advised groups like the Global Impact Investing Network as they work to develop inclusive frameworks for impact measurement and management in sustainable agriculture.

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Project Outputs and Programs

REEFS: Racial Equity Economics Finance Sustainability

To grow opportunities in Black and Brown communities, significant long-term investments are necessary.

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