Croatan Institute Launches the RAISER Beta App

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

On September 22nd, Croatan Institute launched the (free!) beta version of our new ESG research platform, RAISER (Research, Analytics, and Insights for Social and Environmental Returns), an interactive web app curating our rigorous, cutting-edge research on total portfolio approaches to social and environmental impact investing across asset classes and themes.

As an independent data source and public good for all stakeholders, RAISER provides a comparative snapshot of the impact of your investments, so you can know what you own and find alternatives to better align your investments with your values.

In RAISER, you will find ESG data on a diverse set of investment types:

  • sustainable mutual funds
  • and ETFs
  • public equities
  • B Corps
  • mission-driven banks
  • green bonds

across a variety of ESG themes:

  • climate
  • human rights
  • governance
  • and more.

Registration is completely free. Please send any feedback to – we look forward to hearing from you!

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