New Report on the Regenerative Agriculture and Human Health Nexus

September 27, 2021

On Monday, September 27th, Croatan Institute Senior Fellow David LeZaks and Mandy Ellerton released “The Regenerative Agriculture and Human Health Nexus: Insights from Field to Body.” This paper, commissioned by Basil’s Harvest, explores the evidence connecting agriculture practices to human health outcomes. David and Mandy’s collective work seeks to bring about a complete transformation of how our healthcare and agriculture systems work, with a particular emphasis on making microbiota central to the study and conversation around those systems.

Dr. David LeZaks, Senior Fellow at Croatan Institute, said: 

“The environmental and human health challenges we face are extraordinary. They are also inextricably linked through our agricultural and food systems. We hope that this paper deepens the discussion about the connections between agriculture, food, human health and environmental health and positions the burgeoning movement to take strategic action.” 

The report focuses on the ultimate outcome, human health, and takes the reader through the journey of how to get there from field to body starting at more nutritious food and then exploring key milestones including harvest and processing; purchase, access, and preparation; and digestion and absorption. 

Read the full report here.