Croatan Institute REEF's Program Releases New Paper on Racial Equity Investing

October 27, 2021

On October 27th, Croatan Institute’s REEFS program released a new report on racial equity investing across asset classes. 

In “Capital at a Crossroads: Accelerating Racial Equity Investment Across Asset Classes”, this report conducts a baseline assessment on emerging opportunities across asset classes for investors by first, offering a summary of the manifestation of systemic racism in our nation, and then examining the evolution of community development and ESG investing into the nascent field of racial equity investing. In addition to illustrating case studies and asset class opportunities, this report also presents recommendations for how financial market participants can support racial equity investing beyond the status quo.

Keith Beverly, GRID 202 Partners and REEFS Steering Committee member, when asked about challenges in racial equity investing said: 

“The biggest challenges are inertia and settling for imperfect solutions…In order to bring the type of change we need, we need more capital to enter into BIPOC-owned firms to put more pressure on issues that haven’t been addressed for the past decades.”

Learn more about the project here.