Amplifying Impact through Collaboration and Community

November 2021

Croatan Institute President Josh Humphreys and Senior Fellow Sharlene Brown lead a wide-ranging conversation on collaborative strategies for amplifying impact with two long-standing partners of the Institute, Vicki Lee Parker-High of the North Carolina branch of the American Sustainable Business Council and David Sand of Community Capital Management  

Since its public launch in 2014, Croatan Institute has actively partnered with approximately 125 diverse organizations, forging alliances with grassroots groups and mission-aligned investors to shift capital in support of social equity and ecological resilience. These leaders have been at the frontlines of numerous collaborative initiatives helping to redirect finance for positive impact on some of the Institute’s highest priorities emerging from its recent Strategic Plan, such as diversity, equity and inclusion; community-based climate solutions; and regenerative agriculture and resilient food systems. In addition to reflecting on previous collaborations, they also share their strategic insights on new opportunities for forging communities of practice to transform finance and build pathways to a more just economy.

In this Conversation, Croatan Institute President Joshua Humphreys and Senior Fellow Sharlene Brown launch the Canopy Community. As a new three-year fundraising campaign to support the critical priorities of the Institute, members will support the Institute’s work while building connections with other Canopy Community members through unique opportunities to interact with our team and our many placed-based partners. Learn more about the Canopy Community here.


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