Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity: Leveraging Venture Capital

November 2021

This is the second webinar in our Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity series, highlighting opportunities to pursue racial and economic justice in America with foundational examples in each asset class. At this moment, many asset owners and managers are intensely focused on systemic and institutional racism and are seeking opportunities to tackle racial inequities by leveraging their portfolio allocations. Simultaneously, more firms are launching or expanding investment opportunities to target the venture capital funding gap for Black, Indigenous, and other entrepreneurs of color. In this session, venture capital managers will:

  1. share perspectives on the fallacy of the pipeline challenge  and the importance of increased access to venture capital for SMEs led by people of color
  2. highlight the changing demographics business landscape and opportunities for BIPOC entrepreneurs
  3. identify opportunities for investors to use non-financial resources to support an enabling environment that supports the success of founders of color.


  • Sharlene Brown, Director of REEFS, Senior Fellow of Croatan Institute (Moderator)
  • Julianne Zimmerman, Managing Director, Reinventure Capital
  • Rev. Dr. M. Keith Daniel, Co-founder and Managing Director for Resilient Ventures, LLC.



sharlene brown

Croatan Institute

Julianne Zimmerman

Reinventure Capital

Rev. Dr. M. Keith Daniel

Resilient Ventures, LLC

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