New Report on Investing in Soil Health

Monday, December 6, 2021

Today, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Soil Investment Hub (SIH) in collaboration with Croatan Institute, launched the “Soil Investment Guidance Report”.

Investing in soil has many returns and benefits to companies including improved yields and farm income, value chain resilience, achieving corporate climate and zero deforestation targets, and safeguarding biodiversity.

The WBCSD Report aims to support food and agriculture companies to invest in impactful, high-value, and long-term solutions for healthy soils along their supply chains and beyond. The report identifies 13 soil investment mechanisms that have distinct connections to material impacts and types of financial, environmental, and social returns.  

Our food system is essential to addressing three global challenges the world faces today – the climate emergency, loss of nature and mounting inequality. A central part of the food system is the natural resource that is soil. Healthy soil is a critical driver of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, supporting climate adaptation and mitigation, contributing to biodiversity, food security, as well as resilient and equitable livelihoods. We cannot achieve a 1.5-degree pathway without healthy soils.

Going forward, WBCSD will continue developing the Soil Investment Hub and business guidance to mainstream investments in soil health across corporate investment processes. A toolkit will follow in 2022 to help companies monitor and report on the impact of their soil investments. WBCSD calls for companies to elevate soil health commitments and work collaboratively to enable and scale sustainable soil agricultural practices.

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