Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity: Leveraging Fixed Income

February 2022

This is the third webinar in our Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity series, highlighting opportunities to pursue racial and economic justice in America with foundational examples in each asset class. At this moment, many asset owners and managers are intensely focused on systemic and institutional racism and are seeking opportunities to tackle racial inequities by leveraging their portfolio allocations. Simultaneously,  fixed income investments in both public debt capital markets and private lending vehicles provide additional opportunities for investing with a racial equity lens. 

In this session, fixed income practitioners will: 

  1. explain the key differences in fixed income opportunities offered through public debt and private debt options;

  2. address the history of limited access small business owners and entrepreneurs of color have accessing non-extractive forms of finance; and

  3. highlight private-fixed income strategies incorporating explicit racial equity considerations.


sharlene brown

Croatan Institute

Danielle Burns


Justin Conway

Calvert Impact Capital

Homero Radway


David Sand

Community Capital Management

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