Ten Years of Total Portfolio Activation: A Conversation on Amplifying Impact across Investment Asset Classes

February 2022

Croatan Institute co-founders Joshua Humphreys and Christi Electris lead a special conversation on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the initial publication of “Total Portfolio Activation,” the path-breaking paper that provided a new framework for amplifying social and environmental impact across asset classes. Electris and Humphreys are joined by their initial co-author Ann Solomon, now at Inclusiv, and three key collaborators on that first publication, Melissa Bradley of 1863 Ventures, Matt Patsky from Trillium Asset Management, and Nancy Rosenzweig of Values Aligned Capital.

Over the last decade, a growing number of individual and institutional investors, philanthropic foundations, asset managers, investment consultants, and financial advisers have embraced the multi-asset-class approach to impact investing that Total Portfolio Activation (TPA) develops. The framework continues to guide much of the Institute’s collaborative work with partners and practitioners in the field on a wide array of thematic approaches to impact investing on issues such as women’s empowerment, LGBTQ+ equality, sustainable food and regenerative agriculture, climate solutions, and racial equity. Learn how the evolution of TPA’s application to impact investing has shaped these fields and what the future holds for its wider extension.


Melissa Bradley

1863 Ventures

Christi Electris

Croatan Institute

Joshua Humphreys

Croatan Institute

Matt Patsky

Trillium Asset Management

Nancy Rosenzweig

Values Aligned Capital

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