Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Infrastructure Across Value Chains

August 2022

Senior Fellow David LeZaks is joined by a panel of experts including Calla Rose Ostrander of Terra Regenerative Capital, Esther Park of Cienega Capital, and Janice St. Onge of the Flexible Capital Fund to discuss the specific financing needs of regenerative agriculture infrastructure businesses and how to implement innovative capital solutions. Regenerative farms rely on small-to-mid scale, aligned infrastructure to process, transport, and market their products. These middle infrastructure businesses help to improve farm income and bolster regional food economies while providing significant social and environmental benefits. However, these unique business models require innovative and patient forms of capital to grow and succeed.

This panel shares their experiences and lessons learned, as well as pathways forward for investors and capital providers to better serve regenerative agriculture infrastructure enterprises. This Croatan Conversation accompanies the launch of our new report, “Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Infrastructure Across Value Chains”.

This conversation is supported by Paul and June Rossetti and Foodshed Capital.


David LeZaks

Croatan Institute

Calla Rose Ostrander

Terra Regenerative Capital

Esther Park

Cienega Capital

Janice St. Onge

Flexible Capital Fund

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