Senior Fellow David LeZaks Featured in Grounded Video on Reframing Agriculture

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Croatan Institute Senior Fellow David LeZaks appeared in Grounded’s Reframing Agriculture video released in Summer 2022. The short video highlights how we can reframe agriculture and return to indigenous and traditional farming systems while connecting with soil, food, and the planet. Watch the video here. 

David’s commentary discussed the yield-focused nature of our existing food system and the tradeoffs that have resulted such as emissions from tillage and fertilizer emissions. While regenerative practices can help reduce agriculture’s contribution to climate change, it can also cultivate other benefits like more resilient and decentralized food economies, more nutritious food, and better livelihoods for farmers and food workers. David also notes that many of the regenerative practices being championed today have their foundation in indigenous practices. 

Grounded is working to catalyze the advancement and amplification of existing Earth-based climate solutions to preserve a livable planet by 2030. This includes advocating for conservation and restoration models centered around local community and indigenous leadership. Learn more about their work here.