Senior Fellow David LeZaks Speaks During Al Gore’s The Climate Underground 2022 Event

December 5 – 6, 2022 

Senior Fellow David LeZaks was invited to speak during Al Gore’s The Climate Underground 2022 event.

He participated on a panel called Establishing the Business Case for Regenerative Agriculture alongside Patagonia Provisions general manager, Paul Lightfoot, and managing director of Agriculture Capital and former Niman Ranch CEO Rob Hurlbut.

David discussed the need to create a financial model that provides patient, flexible, and non-extractive capital to regenerative producers while highlighting the barriers to achieving that reality. The program is not available for viewing.

Topics discussed included what we can learn about successful transitions to regenerative agriculture, the necessity of new tools, approaches, and initiatives, as well as the role that grants and investments play in achieving a farm system that is sustainable and rewarding for producers.