Report on US Sustainable Investing Trends 2022

Joshua Humphreys, Farzana Hoque

Contributors: Matt Aitken, Anna Aspenson, Christi Electris,  Katrina Lang, Athena Owirdu, Jaime Silverstein, James Smith

December 2022

Working in collaboration with our client US SIF Foundation, Croatan Institute conducted extensive research and surveying of hundreds of asset managers and institutional investors in order to analyze key ESG trends across investment vehicles, strategies, and themes.

This year’s report identified $8.4 trillion in total US sustainable investment assets under management using a modified methodology.

The biennial Trends Report—first conducted in 1995 when sustainable investment assets totaled $639 billion—provides comprehensive data on US asset managers and institutional investors using one or more sustainable investment strategies. It also distills the range of significant environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that investors consider.

The full report is available from US SIF’s website. The Executive Summary is available for download.


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