Senior Associate Jaime Silverstein Speaks on CDFA Webinar

July 3, 2023

Senior Associate Jaime Silverstein spoke on the Council of Development Finance Agencies‘ “Targeted Tools & Food Systems” webinar on Tuesday, June 27. This session is part of CDFA’s “Food Systems Finance” webinar series and specifically focused on the unique financing structures that allow for food systems investment to thrive within a geographic footprint. 

During the session, Jaime discussed Croatan Institute’s Soil Wealth Areas work and the application of property-assessed financing for on-farm conservation practices. The panel included two partners on that project: CDFA itself, and Slipstream, an organization focused on advancing accessible climate solutions. 

CDFA’s “Food Systems Finance” webinar series has covered topics such as access to capital & food systems, bonds & food systems, as well as financing meat processing infrastructure, to name a few. The next webinar in this series will take place on August 29, focusing on investment tools & food systems. 

Listen to the recording of “Targeted Tools & Food Systems” here