Pink Hill Project

Starting in 2020, Croatan Institute has worked closely with a partner across 400 acres in Pink Hill to assist with active land management, USDA technical assistance, conservation finance, and market access.

This project is a part of the North Carolina Soil Wealth Area, which enables us to leverage our relationships across the state to connect this partner with markets, technical service providers, and innovative financing opportunities for growing their business.

Project Activities:

Croatan Institute helped this partner set up a North Carolina state registered nursery to grow native trees and perennials to sell to farmers and landowners across the state.

Croatan Institute and this partner enrolled a tract of land into the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), a USDA program with supplementation from North Carolina which provides payments for taking a former soybean field out of production to plant native hardwoods. Croatan Institute, alongside local volunteers, planted over 5000 trees on this site in early 2023.

We work with local farmers to implement regenerative land practices such as cover cropping, organic practices, low till, and eventually mixed livestock integration into agroforestry systems.

Croatan Institute works with this partner on forestry, farming, and finance strategies. This holistic approach and personal attention to detail ensures a comprehensive farm strategy that restores the land while generating sustainable income for this partner.