Angella Dunston

Community Leader & Environmental Justice Advocate 

Angella Dunston is a proud product of rural America having grown up on the border of both south-central Virginia and north-central North Carolina. She began her advocacy journey as a social justice champion and environmental steward during the birth of the Environmental Justice Movement (EJ) in Warren County. According to Dunston, her lived experience during the EJ Movement fueled her desire to stand against injustices which impact marginalized communities all across the country. 

Dunston is considered an accomplished Thought Leader with a heart for serving people. She has years of experience in community and government relations as well as policy advocacy. In addition, she has expansive skills in leadership and economic development, and is a  Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (JDEI) practitioner.

Currently, she collaborates with nonprofits that are mission driven to address issues of inequity for marginalized communities and create systemic change.  Dunston previously served as Director of Community and Faith-Based Outreach for a former governor. In that role, she was responsible for building a network of statewide community and faith-based leaders who addressed challenges faced by underrepresented communities. Prior to that position, Dunston worked with community leaders and policymakers to develop sustainable solutions to address the injustices faced by individuals and families all across the state. 

Dunston is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. In her spare time, she serves on a variety of boards and commissions including the NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV), Warren County Environmental Action Team (WCEAT), Lillian’s List of North Carolina and many others.