Croatan Institute is now hiring for two full-time positions: a Budget Analyst and a Bilingual Senior Associate, Financial Health Coach.

Croatan Institute is also hiring for three contract positions for our FARMWISE project including a Financial Health Education Module Consultant, a Website Development Consultant, and an Agriculture Accountant Consultant.

Croatan Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and action institute whose mission is to build social equity and ecological resilience by leveraging finance to create pathways to a just economy. The Institute is seeking a diligent, flexible, and highly motivated individual to support ongoing research and projects.

Our work at the nexus of finance, social equity and ecological resilience addresses the following cross-cutting themes:

    • Accountability
    • Business & Human Rights
    • Climate Solutions
    • Equity & Inclusion
    • Farming & Forestry
    • Food Systems
    • Frameworks & Data Analytics
    • Resilient Communities

Since the Institute’s launch in 2014, we have rapidly established a reputation for rigorous, cutting-edge research and advocacy on a wide range of issues in sustainable finance and resilient economic development. Based in the research triangle region of North Carolina, with an extended team of affiliates in the Northeast, the South, the Mid-Atlantic, the West Coast and Geneva, Switzerland, the Institute is an early stage, entrepreneurial nonprofit working at the critical nexus where finance, sustainability, and economic development intersect. 

Financial Health Education Module Consultant

Location: Remote

Duration: 6-month contract

Compensation: $8000-$10,000

Description: Croatan Institute seeks an experienced Educational Module Development Consultant to lead the development of an online module designed to educate underserved farmers and ranchers about financial health, budgeting, saving, and other essential financial concepts in English and Spanish. Your work will empower our clients to make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Website Development Consultant

Location: Remote

Duration: 6-month contract

Compensation: $5000-$7000

Description: Croatan Institute seeks a Website Development Consultant to support the creation of its FARMWISE NC website, a resource intended to support access to financial health services and increase knowledge of the available ecosystem services for underserved farmers and ranchers. The FARMWISE project is intended to be replicated in other states using FARMWISE NC as a basis.

Agriculture Accountant Consultant

Location: Remote

Duration: 12-month contract

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Description: Croatan Institute seeks an experienced accountant that can support small to medium sized farmers working to improve business finance practices, including providing tax advice. The ideal consultant will provide a fixed number of general accounting consultations to advise underserved farmers who participate in Croatan’s Financial Health Investment initiative. In addition, the consultant will reserve a limited number of spaces to provide tax filing support to clients.

Budget Analyst

Location: Hybrid, Durham, NC

Hours: 40 hours/week

Level: Mid-level

DescriptionCroatan Institute seeks a full-time Budget Analyst to manage the organization’s budget, perform bookkeeping tasks, and assist with financial forecasting. The ideal candidate will be expected to work hybrid with in-office hours at least one day each week at Croatan’s dynamic downtown Durham, NC workspace.

Bilingual Senior Associate, Financial Health Coach

Location: Remote or Hybrid, North Carolina

Hours: 40 hours/week

Level: Mid-level

Description: Croatan Institute seeks an Experienced Certified Financial Health Coach who will play a critical role in providing expert financial guidance to underserved communities. The primary objective will be to empower BIPOC and underserved farmers to make informed financial decisions, build wealth, and achieve financial stability, and promote the sustainability of their operations. It is anticipated the Finhealth coach will manage a growing portfolio of both English and Spanish-speaking clients beginning with 5 and growing to 60 clients over a three-year period. This role will play a vital role in providing expert financial guidance and education to individuals and businesses in the agriculture and food sector. 

The candidate will join the Institute’s Racial Equity Economics Finance Sustainability (REEFS) program and report to the program’s director. In addition to fulfilling the major responsibilities outlined below, the candidate will support the program’s three pillars of work: (1) supporting frameworks to increase investments in diverse communities, (2) diversifying finance by creating a pathway for BIPOC and low-resourced students, and (3) achieving financial health among communities of color.