Clean Portfolio Project

The Clean Portfolio Project takes a total portfolio approach to fossil-free investing in integrated climate solutions. With the input of an expert advisory panel, the project creates model portfolios that help individuals and institutions not only divest from fossil fuels but also invest in diversified solutions to climate change. The portfolios build upon Croatan Institute’s framework of total portfolio activation, encouraging investors to re-allocate capital to high-impact opportunities across asset classes.


The project was born out of a collaboration with the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP) in 2015, which led to the development of the initial Divest-Invest Clean 15 portfolio that was released at SOCAP16 in San Francisco. The Clean 15 portfolio highlights fifteen investable strategies across five major asset classes in themes ranging from renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, to organic agriculture and clean technology.

The Clean Portfolio Project is now in a new phase of work, developing even more diversified portfolios, with exposure to new asset classes, broader selection criteria, and a wider array of investment strategies. The Institute is currently seeking additional sponsors to support the expansion of the Clean Portfolio Project and associated investor events taking place around the country.

Investing in Climate Justice

There’s an opportunity to invest in a just transition toward a sustainable future and a clean energy economy that promotes community resilience. In this Croatan Conversation, environmental justice leaders and investors discuss how climate solutions investments can have a social impact multiplier effect, and how important it is for advances toward a clean energy economy not to leave frontline communities behind, whether they be in coal country, like rural Appalachia, or low-resource urban communities of color.

This focus on the social dimension of climate solutions investing and explicitly in climate justice can help mitigate some of the economic inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic and the climate crisis. 

Highlighted Projects and Resources

Mobilizing Philanthropic Capital Across Asset Classes

This session from Vertue Lab’s Fuel 2020 Conference explores total portfolio approaches to fossil-free investing in integrated climate solutions.

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Constructing Clean Portfolios for Climate Solutions: A Renewable Energy Roundtable & Webinar

The Clean Portfolio Project and Croatan Institute host a roundtable discussion which explores models to finance renewable energy across asset classes.

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Resilient Farm and Food System Finance Webinar

This webinar explores models to finance resilient food systems and regenerative, organic agriculture across asset classes.

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Divest-Invest Clean Fifteen

This publication presents the “Clean 15,” the first fossil-free model portfolio developed by the Clean Portfolio Project.

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