Finance for Resilience Report out Now in Collaboration with Meridian Institute

February, 2023

Croatan Institute, in collaboration with Meridian Institute, has released a new report entitled Finance for Resilience An Overview of Risk Mitigation in Agricultural Systems for Farms, Lenders, and Governments. This report explores major on-farm, off-farm, and systemic risks that the agricultural industry faces and how finance can increase the resilience of those systems while providing other benefits.

The report provides a synthesis of existing literature and research regarding the environmental, financial, and social risk-reducing benefits of resilient agricultural practices and explores the different stakeholders who hold risk in the US agricultural system.

Four recommendations are provided to address the environmental, financial, and social risks posed by the current state of farming and finance:

  1. Create broader risk frameworks that incorporate environmental, financial, and social resilience potential.
  2. Deploy capital for high-risk populations to build systemic resilience in vulnerable markets. 
  3. Conduct further research to track the long-term resilience benefits of regenerative and conservation practices across environmental, financial, and social risk types to encourage scaled investments.
  4. Implement innovative financial mechanisms that address barriers to farm transitions and account for the financial value of resilience. 

The authors of this report are listed below:  Anna Zara Aspenson, Sharlene Brown, Christi Electris, Jaime Silverstein.