Croatan Conversations

Croatan Conversations bring leaders working on the frontlines of transformative finance, social equity, and ecological resilience into deep dialogue about collaborative opportunities to invest in solutions to some of the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges.

About Croatan Conversations

Croatan Conversations, launched in Summer 2020, is a new series that includes intimate interviews and small group discussions with leaders working on the frontlines of finance, social equity, and ecological resilience. Hosted by the Institute’s diverse team of strategists, scientists, and financial activists and analysts, Croatan Conversations are designed to bring the Institute’s widening circle of collaborative partners into deep dialogue about leading investment trends in climate justice, human rights, racial equity, resilient communities, regenerative food and agriculture, and other solutions to the world’s toughest social and environmental challenges.

Past conversations

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Infrastructure Across Value Chains

Panelists discuss the specific financing needs of regenerative agriculture infrastructure businesses and how to implement innovative capital solutions.

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Investing in Regenerative Fiber Value Chains

This conversation highlights the gaps and opportunities to invest in regenerative fiber farms and infrastructure, from cotton and hemp to wool and leather, reshoring domestic textile production in the United States.

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Ten Years of Total Portfolio Activation: A Conversation on Amplifying Impact across Investment Asset Classes

Croatan Institute co-founders Joshua Humphreys and Christi Electris lead a special conversation on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the initial publication of “Total Portfolio Activation.”

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ESG Assessments: Helpful, Harmful, or Irrelevant?

Croatan Institute Senior Fellow Bill Harrington leads a conversation on what is and is not effective in how ESG investing is used to make improvements to natural and social systems.

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Amplifying Impact through Collaboration and Community

Croatan Institute Senior Fellows Sharlene Brown and Joshua Humphreys lead a discussion on collaborative strategies for amplifying social and environmental impact.

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Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity: Leveraging Cash Allocations

Croatan Institute Senior Fellow Sharlene Brown leads a discussion with community development practitioners on how cash allocations can tackle racial inequities.

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Investing in Climate Justice

Croatan Institute Fellow Christi Electris leads a discussion with investors and activists on how climate investments can have a social impact multiplier effect and advance an inclusive clean energy economy.

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Intersectional Impact Across Food, Fiber and Finance

This conversation explores how we can design, enact, and implement new relationships between food, fiber, and finance.

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Investing in Racial Equity 50 Years After the Civil Rights Movement

Panelists explore opportunities and challenges to investing in communities of color to support entrepreneurship, wealth-building, and greater professional inclusion.

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A Dialogue on Trends in Sustainable and Impact Investing in the United States

Croatan Institute President and Senior Fellow Joshua Humphreys and US SIF CEO Lisa Woll discuss leading trends in sustainable finance and impact investing in the United States.

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New Frontiers in Fixed-Income Engagement

Croatan Institute Senior Fellow Bill Harrington leads a discussion on new frontiers in bondholder engagement with a diverse group of leading financial activists and engaged fixed-income investors.

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Place-Based Perspectives on Conservation Finance & Forestry

Croatan Fellow John Fenderson leads a conversation on conservation finance for sustainable forestry with leaders from across the country.

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Worker Representation on Boards

Croatan Institute Senior Fellow Liz Umlas speaks with industry leaders about the obstacles to, as well as strengths and challenges of, worker representation on boards.

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Fixed-Income Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Food Systems

Leaders from the field discuss the rapidly changing landscape of fixed-income investing in regenerative agriculture and resilient food systems.

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A Conversation on Persistent Poverty, Income Inequality, and Racial Disparities

This discussion will help impact investors, funders, and practitioners better understand the notions of persistent poverty, structural exclusion and explore misconceptions about the face of rural poverty.

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