Debt and Democracy: Social Crisis and Systemic Risk a Decade after the Mortgage Meltdown

October 3, 2018

The financial sector is too large, too complex, and too dependent on government support. These attributes shortchange the country by distorting price signals, hindering useful investment, and raising the odds that another systemic melt-down will occur. Other sectors such as the legal, regulatory, and political ones also shortchange society by propping up the financial sector rather than curbing it.

In this Croatan Forum session, panelists discuss what is needed, including advocacy, whistle-blowing, and clearer ESG goals, to transform the financial sector into a contributor, rather than an impediment, to a more robust economy and country.


William J. Harrington

Croatan Institute

David Sand

Community Capital Management

Tom Feltner

Center for Responsible Lending

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