Divest-Invest Clean Fifteen

A Total Portfolio Approach to Fossil-Free Climate Solutions

Joshua Humphreys, Dan Apfel, Ophir Bruck, Kristin Lang

September 2016

This publication presents the “Clean 15,” the first fossil-free model portfolio developed by the Clean PortfolioProject. After emerging from conversations within the SOCAP community, the Project has been formalized into a multi-stakeholder initiative developing thematic portfolios for investors interested not only in divesting from fossil fuels but also investing in solutions to climate change. This Divest-Invest portfolio includes 15 investment strategies across five major asset classes commonly found in diversified institutional investor portfolios: public equity, fixed income, private equity and venture capital, private debt, and real assets. It focuses on investment strategies pursuing solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges, in themes ranging from renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, to organic agriculture and clean technology. (Revised October 2017)

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