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Katrina Lang is an Associate at Croatan Institute where she supports the team with operational, project management, and research work in their mission to build social equity and equitable finance.

Her experience in ESG and SRI asset management prior to working with the Institute focused on helping clients and advisors in their sustainable investment goals in the U.S. Katrina’s academic and mission-based interests have led her to pursue a deeper holistic understanding of sustainable finance at the nexus of equity, climate, and social issues. She has also worked and volunteered to support various human rights and women’s empowerment initiatives in the Portland, OR area as well as internationally in rural Peru.

Originally from Montréal, she has spent time in Florida, the west coast in Oregon, and is residing in Panama City, Panamá. Her current interests range from staying up to date on international affairs, spending time hiking, running or simply existing in the outdoors, to watching sunsets and tropical lightning storms.


M.S., International Affairs (Political Science), Florida State University – Panamá (Graduating May 2023)

B.A., International Relations and Media/Communication Studies, Florida State University

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