Lolita Nunn

Potlikker Capital

Lolita is a champion of positive social, racial, and environmental systems change. She brings over 25 years of diversified and progressive experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to the Potlikker Capital team. She worked in the banking industry for 14 years where she developed expertise in finance, investment banking, and management. Her passion for philanthropy led her to the nonprofit sector where she managed fundraising efforts, and community and business development for the American Red Cross and American Cancer Society. Lolita continues to be a champion for systems change. She is one of the founding coalition members of the Washtenaw Black Farmers Fund and serves on the Board of Directors for Sustainable Agriculture Food Systems Funders (SAFSF). Lolita received her MBA from Eastern Michigan University. For more information about Lolita and her work, visit her profile on LinkedIn.