Reflections on the 7th Annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

The UN Forum on Business and Human Rights, held every November in Geneva, might be a victim of its field’s success. Business and human rights (BHR) has emerged as a topic of study and practice in the past 20 years, and has taken off since the 2011 endorsement of the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), whose 47 member states are mandated to promote and protect human rights globally.

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New Trends Report Released: Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Hits $12T

The US SIF Foundation’s 2018 biennial Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends, released today, found that sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) assets now account for $12.0 trillion—or one in four dollars—of the $46.6 trillion in total assets under professional management in the United States. This represents a 38 percent increase over 2016.

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US Financial Regulators Balk at Examining Complex Finance

The main US regulator for complex finance — the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) — intentionally got many basic features of a complex type of derivative contract exceptionally wrong in its recent No-Action Letter from late October of last year on margin requirements for swaps used by “special purpose vehicles.”

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