Our work at the nexus of transformative finance, social equity, and ecological resilience addresses the following cross-cutting topics.

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Climate SolutionsFarm & ForestryFeatured Publications and Projects

Clean Portfolio Project

The Clean Portfolio Project takes a total portfolio approach to fossil-free investing in integrated climate solutions.

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Frameworks & Data Analytics

Total Portfolio Activation

TPA provides both a framework and a set of analytical tools to help mission-driven investors understand the specific impact opportunity set that can be pursued across every asset class in their portfolios.

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Injecting Accountability into the U.S. and Global Financial Systems

Financial practitioners, including regulators, must radically improve governance to bolster both the financial system itself and the broader social contract.

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Frameworks & Data Analytics


RAISER is an online research platform that provides investors with the tools to activate more of their assets for ESG benefits.

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Equity & InclusionFarm & ForestryFood Systems

Supporting BIPOC Farmers

Through our agriculture-focused programs including ROADs and OARS, the Institute currently supports BIPOC farmers in North Carolina with financial and technical assistance.

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Equity & InclusionFarm & ForestryFood Systems

Intersectional Impact Across Food, Fiber and Finance

This conversation explores how we can design, enact, and implement new relationships between food, fiber, and finance.

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