Our work at the nexus of transformative finance, social equity, and ecological resilience addresses the following cross-cutting topics.

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Equity & Inclusion


Re-Allocate encourages investors and capital allocators to pursue racial equity investing within their investment portfolios. The goal of the campaign is to encourage investment managers and decision- makers to reallocate 15% of AUM over three-years to invest in America’s emerging majority.

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Farm & ForestryFood SystemsResilient Communities

Soil Wealth

Soil wealth encompasses the constellation of benefits that result when we build healthy soil and community wealth through regenerative and organic agriculture.

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Farm & Forestry

FOREST Act Letter of Investor Support

Croatan Institute is working alongside the WWF and Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) to garner investor support for the Fostering Overseas Rule of Law and Environmentally Sound Trade (FOREST) Act

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Equity & InclusionFarm & ForestryFood Systems

Soil Wealth Areas

Soil Wealth Areas are new special purpose financing districts that help connect farmers and entrepreneurs with technical assistance and mission-aligned capital providers that value the social and environmental benefits associated with conservation, equitable food and farming systems, regenerative agroecology, and resilient rural communities.

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Food Systems

Regenerative Agriculture Infrastructure Finance

This project will identify finance opportunities and pathways that work to build processing, distribution, and market infrastructure for regenerative farms.

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Equity & Inclusion

Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity Webinar Series

Today, the investment community must be collaborators willing to invest transformative capital in communities of color — both to address historical wrongs and seize future opportunities — that bank on the full potential of all citizens in this nation. This series showcases investable opportunities across asset classes.

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Farm & ForestryFood SystemsFrameworks & Data Analytics

Soil Investment Hub

Croatan Institute with WBCSD developed a guidance report and toolkit to identify the best practices to incorporate soil assets into corporate decision-making and provide mechanisms to mobilize soil investments at scale.

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Climate SolutionsFarm & ForestryFood Systems

Clean Portfolio Project

The Clean Portfolio Project takes a total portfolio approach to fossil-free investing in integrated climate solutions.

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Featured Publications and ProjectsFrameworks & Data Analytics

Total Portfolio Activation

TPA provides both a framework and a set of analytical tools to help mission-driven investors understand the specific impact opportunity set that can be pursued across every asset class in their portfolios.

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Injecting Accountability into the U.S. and Global Financial Systems

Financial practitioners, including regulators, must radically improve governance to bolster both the financial system itself and the broader social contract.

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Frameworks & Data Analytics


RAISER is an online research platform that provides investors with the tools to activate more of their assets for ESG benefits.

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Equity & InclusionFarm & ForestryFeatured Publications and Projects

Financial Health Investment Project

This project aims to increase the financial health of Black and other minority farmers and landowners through online financial coaching workshops supplemented by one-to-one coaching. This work will help build strong financial systems that lead to greater resilience and improved access to wealth-building opportunities for these farmers.

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