Our work at the nexus of transformative finance, social equity, and ecological resilience addresses the following cross-cutting topics.

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Farm & ForestryFood Systems

Redirecting Finance

Working with investors and institutions to redirect the flow of capital to a regenerative food system.

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Equity & InclusionFarm & ForestryFood Systems

Healthy Food Access Mapping (Healthy FAM)

This project will produce a healthy food access mapping project in the five-county region of North Carolina.

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Farm & ForestryFood SystemsFrameworks & Data Analytics

Financing Regenerative Agriculture

The project was designed to engage partners across sources of capital to address barriers to investing in regenerative agriculture.

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Climate Solutions

Divest – Invest Philanthropy

Advising participating foundations on fossil-free investment in a clean energy transition

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AccountabilityBusiness & Human RightsClimate Solutions

Croatan Forum

The Croatan Forum is a thought-provoking, multi-day convening where leaders working on the frontlines of finance, social equity, and ecological resilience will gather to discuss cutting-edge solutions to some of the 21st century’s most urgent challenges.

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Frameworks & Data Analytics

Activating Your Investments for Impact

“Activating Your Investments for Impact” will educate investors on how to create impact across multiple asset classes and investment themes through a series of video modules.

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Climate SolutionsEquity & InclusionFrameworks & Data Analytics

Navigating Impact: Clean Energy Access​

Strategy overview, evidence map, and core impact metrics for the clean energy access Navigating Impact theme.

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Equity & InclusionFrameworks & Data AnalyticsResilient Communities

Navigating Impact: Affordable Housing

Strategy overview, evidence map, and core impact metrics for the affordable housing Navigating Impact theme.

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AccountabilityFrameworks & Data Analytics

Impact of Equity Engagement

Croatan Institute seeks to educate these investors about the wide range of impact opportunities available to them, including in public equity investment.

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Farm & ForestryFood SystemsResilient Communities

Organic Agriculture Revitalization Strategy

Re-envisioning organic food and agriculture as an inclusive economic development strategy for revitalizing rural places.

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Resilient Communities

WealthWorks Accelerating Impact

Accelerating Impact project is aimed at articulating the role of finance in supporting WealthWorks value chains in rural areas

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