RAISER: Research, Analytics, and Insights for Social and Environmental Returns

RAISER is an online research platform that provides investors and financial services firms with a set of analytical tools to identify and ultimately activate more of their assets for social and environmental benefit across asset classes.

RAISER Key Features

Search Tools

Clear-Cut Graphics

Descriptive Statistics

The Challenge

Alongside rapid growth, the sustainable, responsible, and impact investing industry has also witnessed increasing fragmentation across asset classes, investment products, and various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) themes in recent years. With lax regulation and standardization in ESG disclosures and impact management, the datasets and assessments provided by individual research firms are inherently incomplete and often incommensurable, creating a variety of problems for investment decision-makers.

Our Solution

Croatan Institute has developed Research, Analytics, and Insights for Social and Environmental Returns (RAISER) as an interactive web application curating our rigorous, cutting-edge research on total portfolio approaches to social and environmental impact investing across asset classes and themes.


Basic Premium
Search Tools
Clear-Cut Graphics
Descriptive ESG Statistics
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Investment types

Basic Premium
Sustainable Mutual Funds
Sustainable ETFs
Public Equities

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B Corps
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Mission-Driven Banks
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Green Bonds & Sustainable Fixed Income
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$99/month or $999/year
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ESG Themes


Climate Solutions – Carbon – Energy – Natural Resources – Fossil-Free


Workers – Community – Customers – DEI – Human Rights


Ethics – Transparency – Controversies – Board Issues

Who is it for

Investors & Analysts 
Academics & Researchers

How is it built

Big Data Techniques
Proprietary In-House Research
Third-Party Partnerships

Flexibly designed to fit your needs.

RAISER is designed for investors seeking to generate greater social and environmental impact, with the underlying tools tailored to specific issue areas of concern and thematic funds, whether they be climate change or human rights, women’s empowerment or good governance, nature conservation or the sustainability of the financial system itself.

As a platform for impact and sustainable investing, RAISER can be used to identify top ESG funds and conduct rigorous ESG analysis.


Christi Electris


Joshua Humphreys

President & Senior Fellow

Sharlene Brown

Senior Fellow