REEFS: Racial Equity Economics Finance Sustainability

The Racial Equity, Economics, Finance, and Sustainability (REEFS) program is designed to encourage stakeholders in finance to think holistically about integrating racial equity across their investment portfolios, to advance opportunities for greater Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC) representation in the field, and to support frameworks and approaches that support wealth-building in these communities. This multi-faceted approach seeks to acknowledge and address the persistent structural race-based discrimination in the US, which underpins the significant gaps in access to career and financial opportunities.

REEFS Research Pillars

Enhancing Investor Decision

  • Applying TPA to Racial Equity
  • Applying the Invest-Engage framework to understand DEI shareholder activism

Expanding the BIPOC Pipeline

  • Broadening BIPOC participation in finance
  • Engaging the finance community to remove barriers to entry

Achieving Financial Health

  • Developing financial health programs for BIPOC farmers
  • Partnering to improve financial health outcomes

History OF REEFS

Since its launch in 2014, Croatan Institute has made tackling structural racism in finance central to our mission. In response to the persistent racial segregation and lack of diversity we observed within the sustainable business and investing community (and financial services more broadly), we organized an internal “brain trust” composed of some of the Institute’s advisory board members Sharlene Brown (now Director of REEFS) and Henry McKoy, as well as senior fellows like Josh Humphreys, and our late colleague Fern Jones, to begin grappling with these challenges. In 2018, after years of engagement with professionals of color working on equity issues, the Racial Equity, Economics, Finance, and Sustainability (REEFS) program and its Steering Committee was formalized.

At the 2018 Croatan Forum, the first REEFS Roundtable was held, bringing together more than 40 stakeholders to advance opportunities for black and brown communities.

REEFS: Racial Equity Economics Finance Sustainability

Learn more about REEFS in our recent Croatan Conversation on Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity: Leveraging Cash Allocations

Highlighted Projects & Resources

Redirecting Capital to Accelerate Racial Equity Series: Leveraging Cash Allocations

Croatan Institute Senior Fellow Sharlene Brown leads a discussion with community development practitioners on how cash allocations can tackle racial inequities.

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Supporting BIPOC Farmers

Through our agriculture-focused programs including ROADs and OARS, the Institute currently supports BIPOC farmers in North Carolina with financial and technical assistance.

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Total Portfolio Activation Tools for Racial Equity Investing

To grow opportunities in black and brown communities, significant long-term investments are necessary.

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Strengthening the BIPOC Pipeline

We are developing an initiative, the BIPOC Leaders Advancing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy
(BLAISE) program, which will expand  opportunities for students in HBCUs and HSIs with an interest in social impact and finance to gain knowledge, skills, and networks. 

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Investing in Racial Equity 50 Years After the Civil Rights Movement

Panelists explore opportunities and challenges to investing in communities of color to support entrepreneurship, wealth-building, and greater professional inclusion.

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A Conversation on Persistent Poverty, Income Inequality, and Racial Disparities

This discussion will help impact investors, funders, and practitioners better understand the notions of persistent poverty, structural exclusion and explore misconceptions about the face of rural poverty.

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Steering Commitee

Michael Lear

Capital Group

Vicki Lee Parker

NC Business Council

Keith Beverly

GRID 202 Partners

Eric Darrisaw

OMNIResearch Group

Felicia Davis

HBCU Green Fund

Henry McKoy

NC Central University

Napoleon Wallace

Frontline Solutions

Erika Seth Davies

Racial Equity Asset Lab

Shante Little

Transform Finance

Sharlene Brown

Croatan Institute

Joshua Humphreys

Croatan Institute


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